E - Mail & SMS
Bulk SMS/Email Marketing has become a low cost & result effective way to reach masses. No other medium except TV & Radio has such kind of quick reach however those mediums can not target their audience, making Bulk SMS/Mobile Marketing very unique. You can reach millions of people in minutes.

Our Customers have used Bulk SMS/Email, Bulk Voice Calls, Shortcodes to create effective mobile marketing stratagies for selling property, advertise services, products, sales force communication & more.

We also offer Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice Calls, Flash SMS, Email Marketing, International Bulk SMS in India & abroad.

Our web based SMS Marketing software gives you automatic duplicate number check, SMS Rules to control how many SMS you want to send to one number from one sender id & in how many days, Customised SMS(Include recipient name in the message automatically) & most important Instant Delivery Reports.
Who can benefit by Bulk SMS?
Today Bulk SMS has become the key marketing tool for companies to reach people in India up close & peronal. SMS marketing is very effective, if Bulk SMS are targeted properly. Here are some industries which can benefit from it - Airlines, Astrologers, Banks, Blood Banks, Cinema Publicity Department, Clubs, College, Content Providers, Corporate, Couriers, Customer Relations Dept., Department Stores, Distributors/Dealers Network, Educational Institution, Event management, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Marketing Dept. Newspapers / Magazines, Political Parties, Radio Stations, Railways, Retailers, Schools, Shops, Stock Brokers, Supermarket, Travel Agencies, TV Channels, Weather Dept.
At what Prices?
Our prices are the LOWEST at the quality we provide! We Guarantee it!